2017-2018 Board Members 

& Chairpersons

Board Members


 Tina Scully                  Tara Curtiss

     President             Vice President


         Mary Douglas                 Alicia Hunt       

           Secretary                 Treasurer      


     Carol Paige                Sandie Smith  

  Parliamentarian          Chapter Rep

Tina Scully, Mary Douglas, Alicia Hunt, Carol Paige, Tara Curtiss, & Sandie Smith
(left to right)

LLPA Board Meetings are open to the membership. If you would like to attend a board meeting, RSVP to Tina Scully or Brooke Vass.

If you are interested in becoming an important part of the team, contact us!!


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 LLPA Board Members
 Kathy Eidenmiller & Sheila Anderson
 Lori Dymek
 Shannon Draper
 Rae Wulf Schmidt
 Heather Lueschen
 Brooke Vass, Beth Christ, & Kathy Eidenmiller
 Carol Paige
 Jennifer Hague
 Lori McGowan
 Beth Christ & Vickie Starr
 Tara Curtiss
 Beth Christ
 Brooke Vass
 Sheila Anderson
 LLPA Board Members
 Alicia Hunt


Bylaws & Standing Rules:


Standing Rules.pdf

<-- LOOK! Open chair positions!

-2018 Spring Seminar
-Legal Education

(committee chairs are open to all members)

Click here for the list of committee descriptions.

Please consider donating to LLPA below:

PO Box 83595
Lincoln, NE 68501


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